My Christmas Plans | Blogmas Day 12

Christmas is a time for coming together, spending precious moments with family and friends but most of all, taking time to appreciate who and what we have around us, spreading joy, giving thanks and believing in the magic of Christmas. Which is why during December, Robert and I have tries to see as many people as possible and create special memories with them.

So far this month, we have travelled down to London to see family, visited our best friends in Bournemouth, spent a lovely day with my Nan and now this weekend we are heading up to Sheffield to visit Roberts family and spend some quality time with them!

The best part about seeing everyone is being able to talk and really catch up on each others lives. There’s only so much you can see on social media, and there people, especially older people who won’t update much, or even at all. Making time to have a genuine conversation with family and friends is really important, and definitely makes me feel so happy when talking to them.

Robert and I are hosting Christmas Day for the first time ever this year, which we are both super excited for. (We just need to try and stay organised!). Which means, preparing the house, making sure every nook and cranny of our home is clean and tidy, and of course looks festive too! So when we have a free day, we will have a huge declutter in preparation for all the Christmas Day festivities!

On Christmas Eve, I am hoping for a super cosy, homey day with lots of home baking, Christmas movies and a festive gin or two! Robert and I also have a tradition of giving each other a small gift on Christmas Eve, whilst in our most Christmassy pyjamas. We normally exchange our gift late on and as close to midnight as possible, so it’s technically Christmas Day!

For the big day, I will no doubt be waking up verrrry early, we’ll get up and turn on all the festive lights, play some Christmas music, or maybe put on a film. Then, we’ll begin opening our presents from each other, and Santa if we’ve been good this year, and other family members too. After opening our presents, we will have a big festive breakfast, usually a fry up, with all the trimmings!

After cleaning up from breakfast, we’ll get ourselves ready, and start cooking dinner! Then, my dad and family will be coming round to exchange more presents, and enjoy a Christmas dinner all together.  We’ll then probably play some festive games and of course watch the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special.

Carrying on the festivities on Boxing Day, we are travelling back down to London to stay with family and then on to Bournemouth again for New Years! Luckily, in my job I have 2 weeks off over the Christmas period, and Robert was able to book off the 2 weeks as well, so we have some quality time together too.

This year is the beginning of our own Christmas traditions and we are so excited to begin making memories. Do you do the same thing every year? Or do you travel to different places every Christmas?

I really hope you enjoyed reading!

Love, Abby x

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