Self Care At Christmas | Blogmas Day 13

With all the hustle and bustle of Christmas time, often we forget to care about our selves because we are so busy making it extra special for our loved ones around us. But what about taking 5 for yourself?…

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just need to care for myself, especially when there’s so much going on! Don’t get me wrong, I absolute love spoiling my loved ones, and sharing all of my festive cheer. But, every now and then I need to sit back and actually relax. Like, put my feet up, soak in the bath for an hour, have a glass of wine and just do whatever I want to do really!

One of my fave things is having a pamper session or treating myself to a beauty treat, whether that’s a face mask, new mascara or having my nails done! Luckily, my Aunty owns her own salon and has her very own beauty company; Beautiful You By Stacey.

I may a little bit biased, but from a ‘customer’ point of view, Stacey is very professional and offers great treatments at surprisingly good prices. Treating ourselves to ‘me time’ can sometimes be really expensive, but helping smaller businesses means you are helping a family and helping them grow their business too!

Stacey has her salon built in her garden, and it just is amazing! So cute but professional! It’s like a hidden hut that just helps to create a relaxing vibe! I’m also so obsessed with the decor in the salon, it’s a gorgeous deep purple, silver and vintage theme – love it!

I decided to go for a warm purple with glitter and we came up with the name ‘warm winter spice’ because it seems to describe the colours well! I’m going to having red nails at Christmas for sure! But for now I wanted something a little more subtle!

Make sure you find a little bit of time to care for yourself within all the madness, it will help reduce and stress and also help you enjoy the season much more! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading…

Love, Abby x

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