A Trip To The Garden Centre | Blogmas Day 14

A little while ago, Robert and I came across a hidden gem – our local garden centre! This was a few months ago, and since then, we’ve visited the garden centre quite a lot! At the moment, the garden centre is all decked out in Christmas decorations alongside lovely, unique gifts and lots of festive food. There’s also a really cute cafe in the garden centre, that is always incredibly busy, but always has a great vibe.

If you’ve read my blogs for a while, or seen any of my other Blogmas posts, you’ll know I’m pretty much obsessed with Christmas. It really is… ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ and makes me feel SO jolly. So, as you can imagine, walking into the garden centre was like walking into a a Christmas village in the North Pole – and I loved it!

The decorations are all displayed in sections of the same colour, there’s a mini train model driving around a Christmas tree, and as many lights as Blackpool! I’m obsessed with the cute wooden train, and all the vintage/retro style decorations on the tree, like the hot air balloon, Santa with a big red jacket and black boots and the cute little teddy bears with a red scarf!

Christmas for me, always includes a festive wreath! (Probably because both my Mum and Nan were florists and I grew up making wreaths at Christmas time). So, when I saw a whole wall dedicated to festive flowers and gorgeous wreaths on the wall – it gave me all the Christmassy feels!

Then I came across the most b e a u t i f u l lantern, which I just fell in love with! It’s a bit pricey so I’ll keep an eye on it incase it ever goes on sale (fingers crossed). The ‘white and silver’ section was absolutely mesmerising, and definitely looks amazing. Everything was just so sparkly and shimmery, the theme of dreams!

Once we’d walked up an appetite, we sat down in the little cafe and ordered some pizzas and homemade lemonade! The service was as lovely as always, and the food was delicious! Apparently, the cafe was voted no.2 in the best cafes in garden centres across England – it’s definitely a great place to visit!

Definitely a happy place for me, so I thought it would be fun to share this post with you. Do you have any great garden centres near you? Any time of year, I love to visit garden centres, so it would be quite fun travel around to different ones.. haha.

Love, Abby x

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