The Most Festive Days Out | Blogmas Day 18

During the festive period, I become so wrapped up (ha, Christmas pun) with what I have to do at home, with decorating, cooking, cleaning, wrapping and tying up loose ends. That I forget to go out and experience festive days. At this time of year there are heaps of fun, Christmassy places to visit and things you can do to help lift the festive spirit and spread Christmas cheer!

To help remind myself, and to hopefully inspire all of you, I have put together a list of ideas of days out including places to visit, things to do, which will help us keep our Christmas spirit and feel our best, festive s-elves.

…Too many puns? Haha.

The Most Festive Days Out

  • A trip to the cinema to see a new Christmas film. This year I’ll be watching Frozen 2 on Christmas Eve!
  • Walk around your local garden centre, take a look at the festive decorations and maybe have a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie.
  • Visit Christmas markets, either for a local shopping trip or just to enjoy the sights, the smell and of course the festive food.
  • Have a walk in the woods. Wrap up warm with lots of layers and a big fluffy scarf to really feel all wintery!
  • Travel around to see friends and family, especially those you don’t see too often. Doing this always makes me feel so uplifted, and it’s the best time of year to make the effort!
  • I’ll add Christmas shopping to the list as it’s something I enjoy doing at this time of year – whether it’s the food shop or buying gifts, it definitely makes it feel like Christmas, carrying too many heavy bags, ticking off a mental list and walking down the same aisle fifty times trying to find one particular thing!
  • Buy tickets to see a pantomime or Christmas carol show. There are so many shows on at this time of year, all to do with Christmas. A pantomime is a classic Christmas outing that many people do every year.
  • Ice skating is always great fun, especially with friends of family, we can all (try to) embrace our inner Torvill and Dean and reenact the bolero!
  • Visit Winter Wonderland which also comes under Christmas markets, but there’s lots of rides to enjoy, bars, restaurants and ice skating too!
  • Take part in a wreath making class or any other Christmas craft class and create something beautiful for your home or for a gift.

There are so many great things to take part in at this time of year and it brings us closer together with our loved ones. It’s also the best time of year to create magical, long lasting memories, especially with children, keeping that magic alive as long as possible. And allowing adults to become children again and enjoy themselves.

I’m sure there are many more days out and things to do during the festive season, if I’ve missed anything out, or you have better ideas – please let me know below!

Love, Abby x

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