Festive Books On my Wishlist | Blogmas Day 19

The magic of Christmas is created in so many exciting ways, with festive things to do, music to listen to, and children embracing their innocnece with the magic of Christmas. Aside from all the those things, I find that reading books also helps to create that extra sprinkle of magic, creating a mental Christmas scene in your mind and following along with characters lives enabling you to escape the crazy reality Christmas is.

Throughout the year, my usual choice of book is a romantic novel, something uplifting, with a predictable happy ending. This continues towards the festive period but the books I choose always revolve around Christmas.

Recently I’ve come across a few books that have really appealed to me, that I’m adding to my mental wish list and will look out for in the January sales! I’m sure there are many more Christmas books that I’d love to read, but today I am sharing my top picks with you…

Festive Books On My Wishlist

  • The Giver Of Stars – Jojo Moyes
  • Christmas Shopaholic – Sophie Kinsella
  • A Very Lucky Christmas – Lilac Mills
  • Christmas Days – Jeanette Winterson
  • An Almost Perfect Christmas – Nina Stibbe
  • The Nutcracker – E.T.A Hoffman

During December, I do struggle to find a minute to sit and read, however, when I do find a spare moment, it relaxes me and helps to calm me down. With my anxiety starting to worsen again, escaping reality for a little while really helps to bring my anxiety down and relieve some worries I have. I’m not sure if anyone else finds reading helps your anxiety too? Anything that brings me a little bit of happiness I’ll always find time for.

I hope you are enjoying December and the lead up to Christmas, and always remember to take time for yourself.

Love, Abby x

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