Decorating The Christmas Table | Blogmas Day 21

Every year I find myself scrolling through Pinterest looking for inspiration for the Christmas table, and then swooning over the White Company Christmas table displays every year. Always wanting to recreate my own display and feel like it’s something out of a catalogue. The White Company is absolutely stunning, however quite pricey but I wanted to use the theme as my inspiration and goal.

Of course I can’t afford to create my table using the White Company, but I managed to find things that helped create the theme and wanted to share my design with you. We’ll call it ‘White Company on a budget’.

Do you design your Christmas table every year? I’d love to know where you find your inspiration from!

  • Table Runner – Home Bargains – £7.99
  • Silver Plates – Poundland – £1 each.
  • Silver Beaded Coasters – Poundland – £1 for a pack of 2
  • Silver Crackers – Sainsbury’s Home – £10 (£7.50 on sale)
  • White Christmas Tree Candles – TK MAXX – £6.99 each
  • Napkins – IKEA – £1 (old style)

I started  by rolling out the table runner as my base, I feel like this makes the perfect statement on the table, and creates an amazing sparkle.

Then I laid out the silver place which I am using as place mats this allows you to stack up your dishes and create the luxe feel.

The plates on their own seem a little ‘meh’ so I decided to add a napkin between the plate and bowls. Then, I folded another napkin and placed a sprig of our Christmas tree on top to create a ‘pop’ of colour and break up the silver and white.

To fill the gaps on the table I placed the beaded coaster in front of each plate and placed a wine glass on top. Then, I placed one sparkly tree candle at either end of the mat to create a centrepiece.

Finally, I added the crackers around the table so that each person will have their own one. It’s not a Christmas table without them! They are great fun to pull and also are a Christmas tradition for most people!

I hope you love the set up as much as I do, I’m going to leave it set up until Christmas Day because I just love it so much! Only 4 days to go… yay!

Love, Abby x

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