Homemade Christmas Bread Recipe | Blogmas Day 22

Ah, the smell of home baking, freshly baked bread, and winter spices all combined into one… the humble ‘Christmas Bread’. If you’ve been reading my blogmas posts this year, you’ll know I’m a big fan of home baking and love sharing my festive recipes with you. I also enjoy experimenting with different flavours and creating […]

Homemade Apple Pie | Blogmas Day 15

Happy Blogmas Day 15! Only 10 days to go…*YAY*! Is there much better than the smell of home baking wafting through your home? I don’t think there is! Today I am sharing with you my homemade apple pie recipe which I really hope you love! Prepare yourself for warm, cinnamon scents, happy feelings and a […]

Cinnamon Snowflake Biscuits | Blogmas Day 11

Mmmm, the smell of freshly home baking feels me with cosy, warm feelings. And fills my nose with such homely, cosy, delicious scents! Home baking is one of my favourite things to do at any time throughout the year, but nothing beats baking at Christmas time – cookies, mince pies, puddings… basically anything ‘festive’. Today, […]

Hello Fresh Christmas Recipe | Blogmas Day 4

In my adult life, living in our own home, one of the tough decisions I have to make is what to have for dinner every night. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful to have a roof over my head and food in the cupboards, and I am aware this is a privilege that […]

24 Hour Restaurant Leftovers Challenge

  On the world of Youtube is a current trend, that I have found myself obsessed with watching – 24 hour challenges. They are everywhere – it’s the new phenomenon on the internet – but I haven’t seen many blog posts featuring them yet! I thought it would be quite fun to take part in […]

festive food recipe – starter| Blogmas Day 7

Food is one of my favourite things around Christmas time, I get so excited to cook different meals and stuff my face with delicious festive treats. I had an idea a while ago to do a #FestiveFoodFriday post for the three Friday’s leading up to Christmas Day. I thought for ages about how I could […]

advent calendar haul | Blogmas Day 3

Hey again! I know we are already 3 days in to Blogmas but I have only just received my advent calendar! It’s only a short post today but I’m excited to share with you which calendars I have this year! What advent calendar are you using this year? My first one is a Lego advent […]

favourite festive treats | Blogmas Day 23

Hello! Welcome to Blogmas day 23! Today I am sharing ¬†with you my favourite festive treats… aka, the food we all over indulge in at Christmas! There is so much joy in food shopping during the Christmas period, I’m obsessed with the festive packaging that is on the chocolates and biscuits. The food I wouldn’t […]