Plans, Pandemic and Pregnancy

Hey, Hi, Howdy?…How do I do this again?  It’s been a while, hasn’t it? How are you? How are you really doing? What a crazy, whirlwind year we’ve experienced throughout 2020…and we’re in August, already? I’ll be honest…I’ve missed writing, venting and being creative. So, I’m back, with a whole load of updates for ya!Continue reading “Plans, Pandemic and Pregnancy”

Our Christmas Menu | Blogmas Day 23

*Drink would definitely have been non-alcoholic! Every household or family does their Christmas dinner differently. It’s fascinating how many different tradition there are all for the same day. It’s amazing how one day brings so many people, family, friends, strangers together. One of the most prepared for/talked about part of Christmas is the dinner. TheContinue reading “Our Christmas Menu | Blogmas Day 23”